Weigh-In Controversy

GCA has released it’s official statement regarding the controversy surrounding an altercation at weigh-ins for the MMA promotion “Battle of the Spartans” on 11/30/12:

On November 30th Global Combat Alliance, a MMA sanctioning organization based in Virginia, participated in a weigh-in held in Fredericksburg, VA for the MMA event Battle of the Spartans. While the original fight weight between Cassie Crisano and Shanie Rusth was scheduled to be 135 lbs, I was informed by the event promoter that Mrs. Crisano would be overweight and that Ms. Rusth had agreed to accept the fight if Mrs. Crisano weighed in at any weight at or below 140 lbs. I then verified this weight allowance with all parties involved.

At approximately 9:50 pm, Mrs. Crisano arrived and stepped on the scale at 142.4 lbs. Ms. Rusth witnessed the weigh in, and upon seeing Mrs. Crisano’s weight demanded that she strip down to try and make agreed upon weight of 140 lbs. or she would reject the fight. Out of respect for Mrs. Crisano, I then asked Tracy Barksdale to step behind a curtain with Mrs. Crisano to record her stripped down weight. Before Mrs. Crisano could begin stripping down, Ms. Rusth began verbally assaulting Mrs. Crisano. After a very brief verbal exchange, Ms. Rusth rushed at Mrs. Crisano and spit on her before anyone could get in between them. I immediately rushed in, along with several others, to break them apart and prevent further violence. Mrs. Crisano reached over and slapped Ms. Rusth before the two could be broken apart. More parties stepped in to the dispute, including Ms. Rusth’s boyfriend Frank Lester and Mrs. Crisano’s husband. A few more exchanges were made while the fight was being broken up, witnessed by several people, but I did not personally witness any other physical violence as I was busy trying to pacify Ms. Rusth and urge her to leave. After the dispute, I was informed that Frank Lester had punched Mrs. Crisano in the face during the exchange and the police were subsequently notified.

The dispute that transpired at weigh-ins for this event was a travesty to the sport of mixed martial arts and was certainly not a reflection of the professional grade standards enforced by Global Combat Alliance.


Danny Clark

Executive Director

Global Combat Alliance