New Regulations Effective July 1 2016

House Bill 1228 became effective July 1, 2016.  Here is a brief summary of how it impacts fighters:

What is NEW for amateur fighters:

  • Fighters must have their own health insurance policy
  • Fighters must provide written certification from a physician dated within 180 days preceding event date attesting  to contestant’s good physical health and absence of any preexisting conditions or observed abnormalities that would prevent ability to compete.  Click here for Physical Form

What stays the SAME for amateur fighters:

  • Blood work requirements remain the same: Click here for test details Negative results within 180 days preceding event date are required for the following tests:
    • HIV antibodies
    • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)
    • Hepatitis C antibodies
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years
  • Impediments to compete:
    • Knocked out within 60 days preceding event
    • Technically knocked out within 30 days preceding event
    • Suffered cerebral hemorrhage or other serious injury
    • Been declared blind or vision impaired
    • Been denied license/approval to compete by another jurisdiction for medical reasons
  • Full unified rules permitted for bouts