GCA Fighter Ranking Database

In an effort to provide unequivocal fairness to competitors and continuity within GCA, the Fighter database, a ranking system allowing us to do both, has launched and is published.  Built from the ground up by software developers at ALTERthought www.alterthought.com the GCA Fighter Database is a web based application that tracks and maintains ranking information for all fighters competing in GCA sanctioned events.  It permits users to view the bout history of fighters who have competed in MMA and Muay Thai matches– and in addition to the calculation of individual fighter rankings, it  also provides a ranking of the gyms/camps of those fighters competing in GCA sanctioned events.  The Fighter Database employs a scoring algorithm that calculates the number of points a competitor should receive for having fought in a match. The formula takes into several factors when calculating the points to be awarded for a bout, including: the fighters respective win/loss record at the time of the match, title bout contention, and match outcome.

All rankings will be assigned with the expectation that the fighter will eventually compete for a major GCA title.  GCA will notify top contenders a minimum of thirty (30) days in advance when the opportunity to compete against a title holder is available.  If the challenger turns down the match, the #2 contender will be notified and extended the opportunity to compete for the title.  GCA will continually move down the list in descending order until a challenger takes the match.  All promoters will have to go through the rankings if they want to promote a GCA title.  This requirement ensures fairness throughout the system and is not negotiable.

All title holders will be required to defend their titles once every four (4) months.  A minimum of forty-five (45) days notice will be afforded to all title holders before a title defense.  The only exceptions for denial will be as follows: illness, injuries, family/personal issues.  These exceptions MUST be addressed with the GCA advisory board for review and final disposition.  Lack of compliance will result in the loss of the title.

Top fighters will be able to compete for the following GCA titles:

  • GCA North American Title
  • GCA U.S. National Title
  • GCA Regional Title
  • GCA State Title

Accuracy is a primary concern of ours.  Due to the vast amount of data that had to be entered, we anticipate some minor errors.   We ask that you please make us aware of any inaccuracies, and please be patient as we will work to rectifying any errors.