Global Combat Alliance

Welcome to Global Combat Alliance

It is the mission of the Global Combat Alliance to preserve the integrity of the sport of MMA and Muay Thai and protect the safety of the fighters under its care. Officials within the GCA are active practitioners of the sport and represent the fullness of diversity of MMA affiliations throughout the state to ensure fair and consistent treatment of all fighters during every contest.

GCA is a sanctioning body approved by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide the serious martial artist the opportunity to compete safely and fairly in the styles of MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. Our sanctioning and advisory body is composed of current/former fighters and coaches who want to see the sport grow. We see its practitioners as the lifeblood and want to ensure that they are taken care of by providing the safest possible environment for their matches.

GCA prides itself in being able to guarantee fairness in all sanctioned events by enforcing a code of conduct for its employees and officials while relying on consistent good practices across all promotions for all affiliations and all fighters. Based in Richmond, Virginia, GCA is the current sanctioning body for the premier MMA events in Virginia, including Cagezilla (formerly known as Operation Octagon, OO Fights), Spartyka Fight League, Fight Night Challenge, Draka MMA, and many more. In addition, GCA is the only sanctioning body to encourage full rules in Muay Thai events such as Thai Championship Boxing and Virginia Thai Fighting Championships. As our organization grows so will the opportunities for larger and more exciting venues across the United States and even internationally.

GCA is run by fighters for fighters, so pick your event and come support some of the best fighters from across the United States as they compete in the preeminent martial arts competition.