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Bout Protests

Bouts will be reviewed ONLY when legitimate protests are received according to the set guidelines.


Process of Protesting a Bout Result

1.       Submit a written request along with protest fee within 10 days after the event in question.

2.       Contact the promoter to provide video footage of the bout in question.

3.       Submit all information concerning the protest, such as statements, pictures, etc.


Upon receipt of the protest and all above requirements, GCA will conduct a review, including the following:

·         Members of the appropriate advisory board will receive all the information submitted along with the video footage for review.

·         GCA will determine ruling within 30 days of the receipt of the protest and all of the required information.


Possible protests

1.       Personal belief of a bad decision

2.       Belief that personal issues with a certain official such as favoritism or a judge/referee having positive or negative personal ties to a contestant affected the scoring/stopping of the bout.

3.       Problem with the round times, too long or too short.

4.       Failure of equipment that caused an issue with the bout.


Examples of when the original result of a bout may be changed by the GCA

1.       There was found to be any conspiracy affecting the result of a bout.

2.       The scorecard/s of the judges shows an error and as a result the original decision was given to the wrong contestant.

3.       There was a violation of the laws or rules governing the contest, which affected the result of any contest.



Possible rulings


Not Changing a Decision

Reviewing officials are not able to see a clear and distinct difference in the original bout decision.  Close decisions are often left as is due to the reality of the closeness of the bout. 


Changing an outcome to a “No Contest” or “Draw”

1.       Review shows that there really was no dominating winner of the majority of the rounds. 

2.       Review shows that a fighter was given a loss instead of a no contest due to injury resulting from a foul.  Determining factors include the nature and extent of the injury, when the bout was stopped, and the condition of both fighters at the time of stoppage.

3.       Review shows that a fighter tapped out during a fight.

4.       Review shows that failure of equipment, such as malfunction in ring/cage, which affected the bout.

5.       Review shows overwhelmingly clear and distinct proof that the bout was misjudged.



Changing a Loss or Draw to a Win

1.       Review shows an error in the completion of the scorecards, awarding the wrong contestant with the win.


Protest Fee: $100 made payable to Global Combat Alliance


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