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Legal Strikes : Professional Muay Thai


  • Knees to body or head

  • Forearm strikes, rounded elbows, and rising elbows.  Dropping or spiking downward elbows to the body only. 

  • Clinching as long as one (1) fighter is active within the clinch.  Referee will break fighters for inactivity (holding, leaning, throwing fake knees) after four (4) seconds.

  • Taking an opponent around the waist with both arms and twisting them off balance so they will fall.


  • Neck Wrestling: By using neck and shoulder manipulation, you can spin and throw/dump an opponent to the canvas without using any part of your body as a barrier.


  • Plowing: Fighters are allowed to catch their opponent’s leg and take one (1) step forward. After one (1) step, the fighter holding the leg must STRIKE before taking a second step or more or let go.  It is not permitted to hold an opponent’s leg and charge him to the ropes. You can "dump" a person if you catch their leg and throw it back towards them causing them to fall backwards but must do so within 2 steps (see previous). You can also catch under their knee while they are doing a swing knee and topple them over backwards but must do so within 2 steps (see previous).


  • Sweeping: Sweeps (With instep of foot) are allowed and a fighter may "KICK" his/her opponents supporting leg with the top of their foot or shin.


  • Spinning or pulling an opponent over the inside or outside of the leg and dumping him on the ground.  However, the leg must clear immediately after the opponent is pulled or tripped over the knee. Clear means that the leg must be moved out of the way BEFORE the opponent hits the canvas. This means skipping the leg or slightly jumping to the side (as long as it is moved from the original position). Fighter must move the tripping leg while the opponent falls to the ground, or it will be deemed illegal and called a trip.



Explanation of Knockdowns or Standing 8 Count:

Standing 8s and knockdowns MAY be determined by the referee if the fighter is knocked down or stunned as a result from opponent’s damaging strikes.

 Turning your back on your opponent will result in a standing 8 count.


Balance shots where the knocked down fighter rises up immediately after being knocked down MAY not be counted as a knockdown or standing 8 count if determined by the referee to be a balance shot.  However, if the knocked down fighter does not get up immediately, this may result in a standing 8 count even if originally deemed a balance shot.


Throws are never considered knockdowns.

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