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Fouls : Amateur Muay Thai
  • Strikes to the groin or to the front of an opponent’s knee 
  • Direct (Side Kick Style) kicks to the front of a fighter’s legs
  • Over the hip throws: Using the hip or shoulder to throw an opponent in any kind of judo throw or reap. Stepping across, or in front of, your opponent’s leg with your leg and bringing your opponent over your hip.
  • Stepping on a fallen opponent.  Twisting and pulling an opponent over the side of your body (and then landing on top).
  • Illegal Trip: It is not permitted to position your foot next to your opponent and twist them over your stationary foot.   You must clear the leg as your opponent falls or it is an illegal trip.  An athlete CAN spin or pull an opponent over the inside or outside of the leg and dump him on the ground. However the leg being used to manipulate and dump the opponent to the ground can NOT stay in that position as the opponent goes to the floor. If it is set and stays in that position, that too is an illegal throw (tripping). In other words, the leg must clear immediately after the opponent is pulled or tripped over the knee. Clear means that the leg must be moved out of the way BEFORE the opponent hits the canvas. This means skipping the leg or slightly jumping to the side (as long as it is moved from the original position). Strangely, this means an athlete can trip over a leg but must move the tripping leg while the opponent falls to the ground, or it will be deemed illegal and called a trip.
  • It is not permitted to grab an opponent in the clinch and then sweep his legs out using the back of one's own leg or calf.  It is only permitted to KICK (roundhouse or using the top of your foot) an opponent’s legs out (shin, instep).
  • Lifting: It is not permitted to lift an opponent off of the ground in any way to throw them.
  • Plowing: It is not permitted to take multiple steps forward after catching opponent’s leg driving them into ropes

  • Intentionally falling on top of an opponent to either strike with their knee or to intentionally hurt their opponent, by making it look like an accident. 

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