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Clothing and Equipment Guidelines : Amateur MMA


  • Protective groin cup
  • Protective mouthpiece properly fitted
  • Chest protection/sports bra for females
  • Handwraps

o Tape permitted on wrists and hands, but not knuckles

o Cloth or gauze handwraps secured by tape permitted

o Handwraps must be signed off by GCA representative

    • Bandaging of each contestant's hands shall not exceed one roll of surgeon's adhesive tape, not over 1-1/2 inches wide, placed directly on the hand to protect the part of the hand near the wrist. The tape may cover the hand but not extend within 3/4 inch of the knuckles when the hand is clenched to make a fist. Soft surgical bandage, not over two inches wide, held in place by not more than six feet of surgeon's adhesive tape for each hand shall be used. Up to one 10-yard roll of bandage may be used to complete the wrappings for each hand. Strips of tape may be used between the fingers to hold down the bandages, not to cover the knuckles.
  • MMA Gloves (approved, taped & signed off by GCA representative)
  • Mixed martial arts shorts, board shorts, bike-style shorts, vale tudo shorts 


  • Grease applied to face only of fighter cage-side with referee present and observing
  • Shin, instep, elbow, and/or knee supports (as long as there is no padding or excessive tape securing them)
  • Short sleeve or sleeveless rash guard  or tight fitting shirt (females only)


  • Tape over knuckles
  • Oil or grease on any part of the competitorís body
  • Apparel or equipment which includes metallic and/or hard plastic and/or edge or surface
  • Apparel with pockets
  • No hair products
  • No breathing strips (i.e. Breath-Right Strips)

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